Balloon Drop Nets That Are Easy to Use

STEWART's Baskets & Balloons hopes that you enjoy this live webinar on Executing the Perfect Balloon Drop focusing on our line of Drop Net products, RELI-A-DROP!  After manufacturing our products exclusively for the Canadian Professional Balloon Market since 2000, Pioneer Balloon Company added them to their extensive high-quality product line in 2015 making RELI-A-DROP a worldwide product available through their Qualatex Catalogue and at local Balloon Distributors around the world. 

In our webinar, we include an instructional video, that covers constructing a Balloon Drop right from opening the package to the final countdown and pulling the release line.  We focus on the importance of proper rigging, Balloon Drop do's and don't's and ways to take the traditional drop to the next level!

Save time and money. Our product is made completely ready right out of the package. All you need to do is inflate your balloons and put them inside our balloon net that includes the pre-sewn release line. Our balloon drop nets are hand-stitched and are tested before they are packaged. Contact us in the Toronto area for more information.

Ask your Balloon Distributor for RELI-A-DROP, The Professional's Choice!

AT WBC 2018 in San Diego, we announced our NEW DIY 4 nets: A 30 - 40 - 50 & 60-foot products!

View this video to help and review how to use RELI-A-DROP:

Net Sizes

Balloon drops are very easy to execute when you choose our RELI-A-DROP family of products. These come in the following sizes, with the balloon quantities, based on using 9" Qualatex Balloons, sized to 8". Sizes shown are unfilled net:

  • RELI-A-DROP 100 :
    100 balloons 7' x 4'
  • RELI-A-DROP 200:
    200 balloons 14' x 4'
  • RELI-A-DROP 500:
    500 balloons 14' x 6
  • RELI-A-DROP 1000:
    1,000 balloons 24' x 7

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