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Stunning Displays of Balloon Art Decoration in Toronto

Balloon art is something you must see to believe. If you’ve never experienced the wonder of balloon art decoration in Toronto, now is the time. There is nothing quite like the scope and breadth of a stunning monarch butterfly or a jaw-dropping tyrannosaurus rex made entirely of balloons. These displays offer businesses and individuals a way to promote their message in a unique and inspiring way.

Our clients have provided us with the opportunity to create stunning displays filled with innovation, imagination, and breathtaking beauty since 1990. Designs and materials may have changed slightly since those days, but our commitment to outstanding balloon art decoration has always stayed the same.

Stunning Displays of Balloon Art Decoration

Award Winning ARTists

The skill and talent of our artists don’t go unrecognized in the industry. STEWART's Baskets & Balloons was honored twice with the International Balloon ARTist of the Year Award. 

Beautiful Balloon Structures

Call now, and our balloon decorating services will help you design an incredible display. Our artists are ready to bring your vision to life with a variety of structural ideas, including:

  • Organic BalloonART
  • Balloon Columns
  • Balloon Corporate Logos
  • Balloon Arches
  • Balloon Custom Imprinting
  • Balloon Bouquets
  • Balloon Trees
  • Balloon Drops
  • Balloon Numbers & Letters
  • Balloon Deliveries
  • Balloon Centerpieces