Baskets & Balloons

Our NEW Retail Location:

  "The BalloonART Studio"

4 - 230 Bayview Drive

Barrie, Ontario

L4N 4Y8

(416) 806-7933 or at our Store (705) 896-0722

Professional BalloonART is what we are all about!!!  

Let your Imagination begin to DREAM with ENDless AMAZING Possibilities....

Give us a call at our Store (705) 896-0722.

Here are a few samples...

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A4 A5 A6

A7 A8 A9

A10 A11 A12

A13 A14 A15

A16 A17 A18

A19 A20 A21

A22 A23 A24

A25 A26 A27

A28 A29


A30 A31 A32

A33 A34

A35 A36